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The Spellanywhere mobile app


e-Learning resources are increasingly accessed via mobile devices, and it was with this in mind that we developed the new Spellanywhere app for Android devices, available now from the Google Play store for just 89p.

The app is based around our popular spelling test software. Schools in the UK and abroad use Spellanywhere to create fun, self marking spelling tests that can be embedded on school websites or learning platforms. The app develops the concept, offering a bright, fun and easy to use spelling game designed to engage younger children, helping develop their spelling, vocabulary and even typing skills!

The app provides multiple levels of increasing difficulty, providing audio recordings of he most commonly used words encountered in primary education for the user to spell. Custom tests can be created by parents or educators to pose new challenges, and the user can have the words they spell incorrectly repeated back letter by letter, or practise writing out the word on their device. Test scores are automatically recorded, and saved for future sessions


We also offer Spellanywhere Lite, a free version of the game, offering the same basic functionality without the most advanced levels and the ability to create your own tests.


Spellanywhere engages all three learning styles: auditory, visual and kinesthetic, making it a fun and effective way to sharpen literacy skills. Why not give it a try? Be sure to let us know what you think of it by writing a review on the Play store.

School Updates – the New Android App from Webanywhere


Webanywhere are pleased to offer a great new App for Android mobile devices, available to download free.

School Updates allows parents to keep up to date on the latest news from schools in their area with School Jotter 2 websites.

As soon as a website update is made, such as a new event or a school closure, parents can access the information on demand whilst on the move. Users are able to choose the type and frequency of their notifications so only the most relevant information is provided.

Download the App for free at the Google Play store.


School Updates is another offering from the Webanywhere innovation lab, constantly working to stretch the potential of educational technology and provide products to enhance learning for students, teachers and parents.

The requirements of the end user are key to all we do, and our products are designed around the specific needs and requests of our customers. So we want to hear from you: how could technology improve your pupils learning experience? How could technology help improve collaboration between home and school? What extra functionality would you like Webanywhere’s products to offer? We’d love to hear your thoughts!