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Communication Without Chaos – Connecting Teachers inside and outside school

Are you spending all your time sending emails? Round robin emails are a nightmare. Some people feel they should not be cc’d, others feel excluded when they haven’t been cc’d. Then there is the dreaded “reply to all”. So how can this chaos be solved and how can we collaborate better in teams? Progress and activities can end up in silos instead of being visible to the whole team.

Teachersanywhere brings all you need for teamwork in one place. Conversations happen in chats between teams of teachers. You are not met by an empty inbox. A powerful search allows you to look for other teachers’ skills and communication channels. It makes you more productive and more transparent as a school.

You make teams on Teachersanywhere which make communicating with the right department, faculty or year group obvious. Teachersanywhere also works on your mobile phone, making it a great way to stay connected.

Teachersanywhere is a new type of communication for teachers. What is different is, teachers can join teams and then join the conversation. You can also share links and search for other people’s skills when you need help. Only people in your team will see the communications. It’s totally private and secure. Everything you post on Teachersanywhere is searchable, making things easy to find. Teachersanywhere works the way you work, so if you are on the go you can start on your desktop and then pick it up on your mobile.

Send fewer emails, have fewer meetings. Remember, teams do amazing things!

Your can sign up here and start connecting with other teachers in and outside your school: