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Webanywhere and Whitehill Community Multi-Academy Trust

Whitehill Trust Board Meeting

Whitehill Trust Board Meeting

I have been active over a number of years with the Whitehill Trust Executive Board. The Learning Trust includes Webanywhere and other organisations such as the University of Huddersfield, Denford, Carnegie Learning Leaders, Yorkshire County Cricket and Barnardos. This has been a great forum for like minded organisations who work with schools to collaborate for the greater good.

The Whitehill Trust is a great example of how business  and other organisations can engage with the local community to improve learning outcomes and add real value. Whitehill partner organisations are now allowing Whitehill to offer school to school support to other schools in Calderdale and beyond. For example, the University of Huddersfield’s Jayne Price helps Whitehill with their Schools Direct placement of teachers whilst Carnegie Learning Leaders help develop the middle leadership within schools.

Webanywhere are currently investigating how learning management systems can be used to develop continuous professional development and talent management across the Trust. We have worked previously with other teaching schools and universities, to provide online learning portals for teachers. Whitehill are interested in how senior management will be able to track this learning and assess the quality of teaching whilst providing ongoing support. Having a number of schools in a dispersed geography means a blended learning approach to teacher training and talent management has many advantages both for the learners and the leadership.