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The New School Jotter

School Jotter on the iPad

School Jotter on the iPad

Technology is moving fast and with that Webanywhere has to keep spending significant time and money on research and development to stay ahead of the curve. Listening to our customers, we have created an all in one education app solution hosted on the cloud.

The New School Jotter education app platform not only allows our customers the flexibility of controlling their website, but a multitude of options for online learning and keeping children safe online.

We have spent over 2 years developing our latest version of School Jotter, which is used by thousands of educational establishments. What our customers say is the software must improve learning outcomes. Our easy to use, tablet friendly software not only makes engaging with learners and parents fun, but we hope the experience is flexible for all involved.

Your can pick and mix apps appropriate to your school’s needs. Online rewards can be managed by the ‘Merits’ app, which included the ability to create a fully fledged online shop. Teachers can create compelling learning sites using the ‘Learn’ app and students can do the same creating their sites using the ‘Portfolio’ application. Gathering feedback from all stakeholders at school can be done with ‘Surveys’ and ‘Forums’ can be used for internal discussions. ‘Messages’ allows pupils to communicate in a safe and secure manner, avoiding the need for email addresses and the risks this can bring. Our ‘Assess’ app – just launched – allows for lesson observations to be captured on Smart phones and instantaneously be posted to School Jotter for reporting.

School Jotter also plays with other software – be it your student management system, such as Capita SIMS, or with popular office productivity tools, including Office 365 and Google Apps. You can have a play with School Jotter for free via our newly launched website and clicking on free trial here:

If you have ideas for new apps on the School Jotter platform, do please get in touch – I’d be interested in talking to you!