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Twitter Releases Audio Tweets for iOS

Twitter has just released audio tweets for iOS. This is a fantastic development with all the complaints about fake news and fake reviews we will now get to hear people’s authentic voice. Of course, if you use Android or you’re on the web you will have to wait as the release is only for iOS.

Don’t worry if you want to get started with audio tweets there is another way. Android users and people on the web can record your voice notes on Sound Branch and re-share back on Twitter. When you reshare your voice note your Tweets will autoplay as Twitter cards. Best of all if you are a brand you can get your very own white-labelled Sound Branch site where you can share branded audio tweets on Twitter. All audio tweets are transcribed using Sound Branch making tweeting quick and easy.

Sound Branch not only allows you to produce audio tweets but you can create podcasts from your voice notes via playlists. Sound Branch is also available on Alexa, Google Assistant for smart speaker voice experiences.

This is a new chapter in Twitter’s story. It will be interesting to see how widely audio tweets get adopted. You can’t reply with audio tweets at present and some users might find it difficult switching between audio and text. Overall I think it will make Twitter more human and you can fit a lot more information into as 140-second audio clip than you can a 280 characters tweet.

Learn more about Sound Branch by getting your free account here or download the mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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