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Wealth Dynamics the Secrets to Success

Personality Types

Personality Types

Roger Hamilton a Cambridge graduate who now lives in Bali has devised a system call Wealth Dynamics. I have been learning about Wealth Dynamics and applying this to my business and my teams.

Roger starts with the fact that we are all geniuses but we must stop doing things which we find hard or make us unhappy. Whilst in principle this seems pretty obvious the reality of adult life is this does not happen. Often in careers people focus on weaknesses rather than playing to strengths. Roger says we should hire our weaknesses and play to our strengths. Of course what is our weakness is someone else’s genius.

In order to work effectively in teams we must first understand ourselves. There are four types of genius. Each type of genius has different passions and strengths. Not only do these types apply to success in business but they can also steer you to happiness in your personal lives. We must focus on the things we are great at so that we go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Dynamo genius likes to create, blaze genius loves to connect, tempo genius love to serve and steel genius loves the details. Your winning formula is someone else’s losing formula. In effect you can take yourself and your team and place them on a square. The top line of the square represents people with intuition and their head in the clouds. These people are good at creating products with new ideas. The bottom line of the square is for people with their ears to the ground and they like to serve. On the far right of the square are extrovert people interested in connecting, and on the left hand side there are people who like the devil in the detail.

One of the major problems in business is people playing out of position and not using their talents to the best of their abilities. By mapping out your team onto a square you can then form a picture of the imbalances in your team and where you need to hire next i.e. your team’s weakness. Do you need more blaze, dynamo, tempo or steel people.

Relating this back to your business role models is an interesting exercise. Are you a creator like Richard Branson or Bill Gates, with your head in the clouds? Are you a supporter, such as  Jack Welch, the famous former CEO of GE, blazing and leading the business? Are you a Donald Trump who likes to do deals where it’s all about timing? Or are you a Warren Buffet who likes to accumulate?

Whatever you are are and whoever you are, there is nothing wrong in how you have been wired. What is important is to realise your habits, your communication style and your personality so you can leverage these for business success. When you and your colleagues understand and do this, you will be part of a winning team!

You can learn more about yourself on the GenuisU site.