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University of Bradford launches Codeanywhere Survey

Bradford University Codeanywhere launch with Webanywhere

Bradford University Codeanywhere launch with Webanywhere

The University of Bradford has launched a survey on the Computer Science curriculum for schools, sponsored by the Yorkshire Innovation Fund and the European Regional Development Fund.

Researchers from the Artificial Intelligence Research Group of the
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science School have this week launched a survey as part of the University’s very first Yorkshire Innovation Fund project, in collaboration with Webanywhere. The research team comprises Professor Daniel Neagu, Dr Paul Trundle, and student interns Rafiullah Hamedy MSc, Lisa Eyre BSc.

The project will survey UK teachers, assessing their opinions about impending large-scale changes to the Computing curriculum to find out if they would welcome assistance to make the transition successfully. The survey also asks for preferences on what collaboration to promote Computer Science subjects for GCSE and A-levels should consider, for example training or teaching materials.

During the launch 300 schools in the Yorkshire and Humberside region have been invited to participate in an online survey that has been created specifically for this purpose. In the coming month, the project will analyse the responses and begin to develop the required assistance.

Webanywhere will then look to sponsor future projects to help assist teachers with the new curriculum and the computer science agenda. We will be running a number of workshops at Webanywhere HQ for teachers to learn more about coding.