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Learner Journey – Map a lifetime of learning

Learner Journey – Choose your Path from Webanywhere on Vimeo.

I would like to signpost our recent launch of Learner Journey, an online e-portfolio and safe social network used by schools to create a digital map of personal learning journeys, preserving each milestone and landmark along the way.

Using Learner Journey:..

Pupils can

  • create a personal document of their time in school, packed with multimedia content
  • share achievements with peers and the wider community
  • communicate and collaborate with fellow pupils in a secure online environment

Teachers can

  • assess and provide feedback on student work online, anytime, anywhere
  • store work and resources online – never lose work again
  • help meet Ofsted guidelines on e-safety

The product has been designed with e-safety in mind. The explosion in social networking, and reduced parental and teacher oversight of online activity poses new challenges for educators. Learner Journey provides a safe, positive introduction to online interaction and expression for younger pupils, and can form the central pillar of e-safety teaching and initiatives in schools.

We are very excited about Learner Journey here at Webanywhere, and I hope you check it out – it can become a really powerful learning tool, as well as a fun way for pupils to communicate.