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The new IMLS framework for schools


On 26th March 2012, the Department for Education announced the introduction of the new IMLS framework for schools. The Information Management and Learning Services Framework is designed to support educators in procuringmanagement information systems (MIS) and learning services (VLEs / learning platforms, etc).

Issues with ICT provision

Back in September 2010, a report from Becta found that schools weren’t getting good value for money from their MIS systems. A lack of competition and confusion over decision making in local authorities had led to a stagnant marketplace that put pressure on school budgets.

To counter the problem, the government set up the IMLS framework. As a trusted supplier of ICT solutions, I’m proud to announce Webanywhere are part of this new framework.

The IMLS framework solution

After consulting a wide range of stakeholders, including schools, local authorities and regional broadband consortiums, the Department for Education came up with the framework to deal with a set of common key issues.

Using the framework, schools can now go through choose from a group of pre-approved ICT suppliers to get the best deal for their school.Furthermore, to ensure there’s no problems in the future, the process is legally compliant and as simple as possible.

What this means for schools

Using the new ILMS framework, schools can now select from suppliers on 2 ‘lots’ on the framework. Lot 1 covers MIS and financial systems. Lot 2 covers learning platforms. When choosing from an ICT solution from either lot schools can:

  • Get a better deal by encouraging suppliers to compete against each other
  • Choose directly from the list of reliable suppliers with little need for negotiation
  • Reference a pricing matrix for easy benchmarking and budgeting
  • Promote interoperability – the sharing of data between different suppliers

The next step

Schools wanting to use the IMLS framework can get started soon. For now though, there’s plenty of help and advice via the Department for Education website. At Webanywhere, we all want to make purchasing ICT solutions as simple as possible, so we’ll also be keeping everyone up to date with the latest important information.

If you have any further questions about the framework, please contact us.