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Our New School Jotter with Education Apps is launched

Over the last year we have spent many hours of development and testing creating a new version of our market leading product School Jotter. School Jotter has a significant customer base in the UK used by thousands of schools. Countless schools on a daily basis rely on School Jotter to edit their school website but the latest version of School Jotter takes teaching and learning online to a new level.

New School Jotter with Education Apps

New School Jotter with Education Apps

The old version of School Jotter has been successful in schools with bursars and head teachers logging on to update their website with the latest newsletters, holiday dates and more. So what has changed?

In our new version of School Jotter all stakeholders in school and outside of school are given logins to the system. This include parents, teachers, student and governors. Furthermore, School Jotter is turning from being a website content management system into an education app store.

Webanywhere has developed our own education apps and new apps such as School Merits and Jotter Learn can be used to extend teaching online. School Merits is an online reward system whilst Jotter Learn allows teachers to create compelling learning sites for setting homework or to drive classroom activity as part of a blended learning approach. School Jotter is now fully compatible with tablets and mobile devices and supports mobile learning.

We will continue to develop further education apps for School Jotter whilst incorporating third party education apps such as eBooks and other useful resources. We’d appreciate your feedback on our software. We want to co-create our software with you our customers, so please do let us know if you have ideas for other apps you’d like to see.

I remember my old paper based school jotter at school in the 1990s, how times have changed. Our new version of School Jotter takes teaching and learning online and into the 21st century! We hope this will engage students and improve learning outcomes. Out with the old and in with the new.

Webanywhere at BETT 2014

Sean Gilligan at BETT 2014

Sean Gilligan at BETT 2014

Michael Gove’s speech started the BETT Show 2014 at Excel in East London. BETT in it’s 30th year was busy not just with UK schools but many international delegations. The Education Minister mentioned three key words in his speech which give resonance to what we do at Webanywhere. Michael Gove in his speech mentioned open source software and flexible technology that stretches learning outcomes.

Our commitment to the world’s number one open source learning platform is most certainly a positive with the Cabinet Office and Francis Maude recognising the need for free open source software to reduce government spending on IT.

Webanywhere’s core business value is to be flexible so again the need for flexible IT is in parallel with many of our software product roadmaps. Our tag line is stretch beyond and stretching learning outcomes is one way in which we judge whether our software deployments are a success.

I was very proud to launch the latest version of our market leading software School Jotter at BETT. Two additional apps have been launched within the platform including School Merits and Jotter Learn. School Merits is an online reward system and is particularly useful in evidencing how schools utilise their pupil premium budgets. The Jotter Learn application allows teachers to create compelling learning sites within School Jotter. Learning sites can be edited and created in a similar way to your school website but with a different set of widgets designed specifically for digital online learning.

In some ways I don’t like the great expense and cost to both schools and business of the BETT Show. On the other hand it’s great for team building and a celebration of UK innovation in education with a worldwide audience. BETT 2014 was an open source, flexible and a stretching experience and long may it continue. See you at BETT next year.