Learning Summit Leeds 2023
March 28th

Learning Summit Leeds 2023, The Queens Hotel

Webanywhere held its Leeds user group at the Queens Hotel in Leeds. The event brought together a diverse group of customers, including Babington, Multiverse, NRLS, and Corgi Technical Services, for a day of learning and storytelling.

The event kicked off with introductions, followed by each customer sharing their story of how they implemented the learning management system and the learning experiences they currently offer. Interestingly, two apprenticeship organisations and two customers interested in all things property when it comes to health and safety, governance, and compliance were present.

Customer Storytelling and Sharing at The Queens Hotel, Leeds

Babington, one of the UK’s leading apprenticeship providers, spoke about the need for consolidation and a unified user experience across the myriad of systems they have within the business. They highlighted that there are opportunities around a seamless user experience and greater software integration to reduce the amount of administration within the business.

Multiverse, another leading Apprenticeship provider, shared stories about their online learning platform, which looks after not only apprenticeship managers but also coaches and internal support teams. They also discussed their key priorities, which include reducing the amount of administration time for Multiverse coaches and enhancing the user experience. They stressed the importance of unifying the learning experience and ensuring that there is tight systems integration so that platforms talk to each other.

Lunch and Learn at Learning Summit Leeds 2022, The Queens Hotel

The National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) shared how their business has been transformed following the pandemic. They have now created a content and e-learning design team, and online learning is now 80% of the delivery method. It was interesting to understand how members of the Association gain CPD credits that can be used then for discounts when purchasing other landlord services.

Finally, Corgi Technical Services described how they are at the beginning of their e-learning journey. They highlighted the need to create modern consumable courses and increase quality alongside a platform to house and deliver this material.

Overall, the event was a great success and an opportunity for customers to learn from one another. It was good to see the common groups with two businesses focused on the apprenticeship agenda and two on the needs of the property industry. Hopefully, the cross-pollination and relationships built will lead to property apprenticeship opportunities between the various organisations.