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Pumpkin Soup

I was lucky enough to be invited to quartly dinner at The Mansion House on the edge of Roundhay Park, Leeds.

Alongside discussing the changing fortunes of the economy under Donald Trump and business confidence following BrExit food and entertainment was given by the Dine team.

Daniel Gill set up Dine 18 years ago and they have provided entertainment and event management for lots of businesses, private guests and even the Royal Family.

Brexit – A different way of polling the public

A different way of polling the public

A different way of polling the public


In electioneering, Ipsos MORI and other polling companies survey the general public in order to predict results. With the Brexit poll due 23rd June the old techniques are still at play where people are stopped on the street by someone, clipboard in hand and 5 minutes of questions ensue. Of course, with Social Media polling companies now using modern technology they are gaining feedback digitally at lightening speed. But are they capturing the emotion and the sentiment?

So how can you get the feedback conversationally from the masses? Well, you could try phoning up the the electorate to see which way they will vote of the EU referendum and famously both David Cameron, Paddy Ashdown and Neil Kinnock were captured doing this. This is OK but it is rather time consuming. Door to door works as well but again there are not enough hours in the day.

What about something like a wave or a chain? Instead of 10 people polled, what about 100 people giving their opinion in just 7 seconds? You could listen to the opinions of 100 people in 12 minutes. Would this help make election predictions easier?

Sound Branch is a new audio social network allowing people to communicate in many directions. Its 7 second rule makes people slow down, think and distill the main points in less words. The 7 seconds means there is more branching than a natural conversation. At best you get fresh perspectives and angles you would not have otherwise reached.

The best football teams play one touch or two touch football. Just as in the beautiful game if people had to pass the conversation onto the next person maybe conversations would become more beautiful. You watch the beautiful game and you can listen to the beautiful conversations on Sound Branch. Variety is the spice of life and as opera singers can hit depth of notes Sound Branch gives you real breadth of notes from many people, in many continents and from many backgrounds. Information that may prove to be useful in a whole host of situations including electioneering.