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Child Friendly Leeds

Child Friendly Leeds

Child Friendly Leeds

A networking lunch at British Gas involved a conversation with Leeds City Council with their bid for European Capital of Culture. This may seem strange following BrExit but the surprise victory for Hull winning capital of culture a few years ago really lifted up their city building confidence and raising pride.

Child Friendly Leeds are looking at how businesses and the public sector could work together for the betterment of children. Whether it was bridging the attainments gap between rich and poor or simply making the city safer for children with better lighting and communal areas.

Leeds has an ambition to raise it’s game not just to be one of the best cities in the U.K. but to be the best. Tom Riordan CEO of Leeds City Council described personally how he had been helped through difficult circumstances as a child and how a teacher had encouraged him to take the OxBridge exam. Had he not been given the help his path would have looked very different.

One of the challenges in cities is when the living standards and education standards are raised the gap between rich and poor remains. The Council and businesses are discussing ideas of how stronger links could be made between schools curriculum and skills needed in business.

Apprenticeships and giving kids their first chance was discussed. Giving kids a chance that wouldn’t ordinarily deserve it based on their qualifications or the quality of their interview.

This was something that resonated with me. I’ve always liked to back an underdog. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but the decision to give someone a chance is what matters.

A young chap called Ashley has just left Webanywhere after 5 years. This was an example of giving a young person a chance. Ashley had been at the job centre with few qualifications and experience. We gave him his chance and he took it with both hands ending up as the top salesperson in the business for a number of years.

Webanywhere intends to work closely with Leeds City Council to help them bid for European capital of culture and drive the creative and digital agenda of the city. With cranes in the sky, the new Victoria Gate shopping centre, Leeds arena and further developments down Wellington street Leeds really is on the up. We just need Leeds United to be promoted to the Premier League!

Tom Riordan CEO Leeds City Council

Tom Riordan CEO Leeds City Council


1 Way to Increase Your Share of Social Voice

Increase your share of social voice

Increase your share of social voice

Warren Buffett’s biggest tip when advising businesses towards success is to delight your customers. If you don’t just satisfy your customer but delight them, they will start talking about you.

In essence, this is word of mouth marketing and customers start doing your marketing for you. By getting your customers talking, you are increasing your share of social voice on popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

But what if people used their actual voice, rather than streams of text on the popular timelines of Twitter and Facebook? How much more effective and authentic would this type of word-of-mouth marketing be?

We all crave testimonials and referrals. Many big brands use social media listening to ensure they know what customers are thinking. If it is a serious issue, they can respond to it proactively. In addition, when customers are delighted, they can analyse this and measure it. However, they are not measuring emotion in the real sense of the word.

To get the real sentiment, you need to have the sound waves of the spoken word, rather than the ambiguity of text.

That’s where Sound Branch comes in. Think conversation as a platform but not with robots and artificial intelligence but with real human beings and real voices. Social listening on Facebook and Twitter is one thing but listening to voices online offers so much more.

To take your social media listening and your share of voice to the next level, download the Sound Branch app at Apple’s App Store.

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