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Less Words is More!

Voice Social Media App

Voice Social Media App – Sound Branch

I was always told by mother to count to 10 before you speak. It’s something I still need to work on. Many wise men will tell you less words and better thought gives you a more effective means of communication.

If less food and more often is better for the body then shorter communication with more people is better for the soul. Some people over-talk in situations just to grab attention.

Sound Branch aims to bring the spoken word back into fashion as we communicate in this new digital age. We’ve all left voice mails but usually these are 1 to 1, they are private and they are deleted usually after one month. What if voice mails were open, involved many people and were stored forever?

Sound Branch is the first nano podcasting platform. Users are given 7 seconds to state a question, have an opinion and open up a discussion. Because users are only given 7 seconds it encourages other users to make 7 second audio replies. Replies are called branches and these can be followed by other users of the platform to join in the conversation and create further branches.

So how can Sound Branch be used? It might be a mother posting a short branch of her toddler speaking his first word and sharing this with family abroad. It could be football fans who can’t wait for the football phone in to voice their opinions. University lecturers might open up a debate to students after a seminar. Market research companies may gauge public opinion on who might win an election. It could just be a simple happy birthday message from all your friends!

Sound Branch is available on the Apple App Store with an Android App launching shortly. You can download using the link below for iPhone users.

Download Sound Branch

Get nano-casting and let short bites of audio enrich your life!

Don’t Email Talk

Voice Social Media App Sound Branch

Voice Social Media App Sound Branch

Dreaming of zero inbox? Do you find yourself fighting a daily battle flicking through your emails? Trying to prioritise? Trying to understand the emotion and the tone of an email?

In the good old days people use to phone each other. Admittedly they would finger dial in circles and use a fixed line. The people of old most certainly weren’t glued to mobile phones!

Perhaps a new approach is required? After all, it’s much quicker to speak than to prod your thumb on a touchscreen. The beauty of talking is you don’t have to worry about spelling and the inevitable typos go away.

Some people like to read a newspaper, others like to watch TV, and yet others prefer to listen to the radio. So for those of you that do like listening to radio would you not like to listen to your emails rather than read them?

Of course it’s not reading out emails that is the answer – it’s much simpler than that. It’s about changing our digital habit and encouraging a richer communication experience. We need to record and listen to our voices and do away with the relentless barrage of emails which are clogging up our inboxes and frying our brains!

We know the sounds of the voices closest to us. By just listening to the people we know, their voice and their tone we’re able to prioritise what’s important and what is not. Now isn’t that a much smarter way to use a smartphone? I don’t know about you but I personally find listening to the radio and the sound of a person’s voice one of the most powerful things in the world. The speeches of Sir Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King still resonate today!

If you’re interested in learning more about massive open conversations online and a new way to communicate visit the Sound Branch website below:

You can download the Sound Branch Voice Social Media App at the Apple App Store.

The End of the Chinese Whisper!

Sound Branch - Voice Social Media App

Sound Branch – Voice Social Media App

Ever been in a situation where it’s he said, she said, they said? I think we all have been. In the end you don’t know who to believe and getting to the truth of a news story is what all investigative journalists dream of. How many times have you listened to a radio programme only for the line to drop and the presenter apologies to listeners.

Sound Branch - Say it in 7 Seconds

Sound Branch – Say it in 7 Seconds

Sound Branch launched today is opening up conversations to the internet. Some will call it the end of the Chinese whisper. Others will praise the app for allowing everyone to experience public speaking. When people public speak they speak to an audience of several hundred. Sound Branch let’s people speak to the world!

The app allows people to record 7 second audio bites and publish this to the internet. Users start with a seed for a new topic and as people reply with their own recordings a ‘Sound Branch’ is formed. The app is the first to market for nano-podcasting.

Whether it’s the up and coming Brexit debate or the US election ‘Sound Branch’ brings the debate to life on a scale we have not seen before.

Sound Branch Voice Social Media App

Sound Branch Voice Social Media App allows users to have massive conversation. All users are give 7 seconds to speak their mind.

Think Question Time on steroids. Boris will be able to give his opinion on Europe and this can be branched by the opinions from Corbyn, Cameron and Osborne. Members of the public can then like these sound snippets or indeed broadcast their own opinion and thoughts all on the same ‘Sound Branch’. For those that don’t want to record their voice you can just listen to the full audio clip listening to hundreds of people’s opinions on the news of the day and current affairs.

I wonder what Football’s 606 will be like on Sound Branch? Perhaps the 606 could happen before, during and after the game.

You can download the Sound Branch App at the Apple App Store and the app is free to use.

Visit the website

You can download the App on the Apple App Store for iOS here:
Download Sound Branch for iOS

Download Sound Brand on the Apple App Store

Download Sound Brand on the Apple App Store