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1 Way to Increase Your Share of Social Voice

Increase your share of social voice

Increase your share of social voice

Warren Buffett’s biggest tip when advising businesses towards success is to delight your customers. If you don’t just satisfy your customer but delight them, they will start talking about you.

In essence, this is word of mouth marketing and customers start doing your marketing for you. By getting your customers talking, you are increasing your share of social voice on popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

But what if people used their actual voice, rather than streams of text on the popular timelines of Twitter and Facebook? How much more effective and authentic would this type of word-of-mouth marketing be?

We all crave testimonials and referrals. Many big brands use social media listening to ensure they know what customers are thinking. If it is a serious issue, they can respond to it proactively. In addition, when customers are delighted, they can analyse this and measure it. However, they are not measuring emotion in the real sense of the word.

To get the real sentiment, you need to have the sound waves of the spoken word, rather than the ambiguity of text.

That’s where Sound Branch comes in. Think conversation as a platform but not with robots and artificial intelligence but with real human beings and real voices. Social listening on Facebook and Twitter is one thing but listening to voices online offers so much more.

To take your social media listening and your share of voice to the next level, download the Sound Branch app at Apple’s App Store.

You can also visit the website below: