Re-imagining the Call Centre

Business at the Speed of Sound

Business at the Speed of Sound

I don’t know about you but my experience of call centres is generally sub-par, even disappointing. There’s a massive opportunity to disrupt the market when it comes to call centres – it’s low hanging fruit.

Call centre managers have the arduous task of trying to ascertain the number of agents needed for call blending and to consider how many inbound and outbound calls there are on a given day.

Customers, on the other hand, sometimes have to have the patience of a saint, quite often having to wait a ridiculous amount of time to have their query answered. Keeping people waiting on the phone is not only frustrating for the customer but wasteful for the business and costs significant money.

In the new digital age, consumer brands have adopted social media listening techniques and quite often respond to customers via the Internet. For many customers, this is their preferred method of contact and as long as the problem is resolved, does the customer really care?

Making complaints or voicing concerns on Twitter and Facebook though is not the path that every customer is comfortable with yet equally, waiting endlessly by the phone for a customer service response isn’t the best use of time for either the company or the customer.

So is there a halfway house? A platform that allows consumers to voice their concerns with emotion but in a more efficient and effective way?

One mega trend with the rise of the smartphone is the dominant usage of messaging apps such as Facebook messenger or WhatsApp. This trend cannot be ignored but currently there is a missed opportunity as messaging apps are not currently used to connect people with consumer brands.

That’s where Sound Branch comes in. For people who want a quick response and to voice their concerns they get the benefit of using their phone to speak their mind, whilst at the same time the comfort of a messaging interface rather than the arduous experience of holding the phone line and waiting for the next available customer services representative.

What does this mean? Well, it means that the consumer can get a message across quickly and it means that call centres can better react and respond to the enquiries being fired their way.

Sound Branch won’t be for everyone but there will be plenty of customers out there where their preferred method of contact will be their voice. For these customers, this represents a massive opportunity for brands to connect in a different way which is more personable than traditional text-based comms and removes the disadvantage of long waiting times.

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