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Less Words is More!

Voice Social Media App

Voice Social Media App – Sound Branch

I was always told by mother to count to 10 before you speak. It’s something I still need to work on. Many wise men will tell you less words and better thought gives you a more effective means of communication.

If less food and more often is better for the body then shorter communication with more people is better for the soul. Some people over-talk in situations just to grab attention.

Sound Branch aims to bring the spoken word back into fashion as we communicate in this new digital age. We’ve all left voice mails but usually these are 1 to 1, they are private and they are deleted usually after one month. What if voice mails were open, involved many people and were stored forever?

Sound Branch is the first nano podcasting platform. Users are given 7 seconds to state a question, have an opinion and open up a discussion. Because users are only given 7 seconds it encourages other users to make 7 second audio replies. Replies are called branches and these can be followed by other users of the platform to join in the conversation and create further branches.

So how can Sound Branch be used? It might be a mother posting a short branch of her toddler speaking his first word and sharing this with family abroad. It could be football fans who can’t wait for the football phone in to voice their opinions. University lecturers might open up a debate to students after a seminar. Market research companies may gauge public opinion on who might win an election. It could just be a simple happy birthday message from all your friends!

Sound Branch is available on the Apple App Store with an Android App launching shortly. You can download using the link below for iPhone users.

Download Sound Branch

Get nano-casting and let short bites of audio enrich your life!